How satellite imagery makes the world thrive.

How satellite imagery makes the world thrive.

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DI Walter Mayer explains ways for the earth to flourish and bloom.

1. Objective of the presentation

2. Most important individual points taking into account the SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals of the UN

3. Something about you - where from and what experience

4. Technology already installed and where and what

5. Accompanying measures for emergence such as training, cooperative, technology partner and international experts and local details

6. IDIMA and approach that combines economy and ecology

7. Problems with what has been done to the earth, and understanding and solving them

8. Cause and effect using the example of TBC to cancer and forest dieback and Vovid

9. Energy as a problem and as a solution and as part of nature next to food, drink and air

10. Law and responsibility and sum of the problems

11. Solutions for entire countries

12. From nature to the consumer

13. Market size locally and globally

14. Philosophy and knowledge to implement the solution





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